Our company, Sentek Kaucuk, which started in otomotive sector in Istanbul, Demirkapı on an area of 600m2 with the production of door and window profiles in 1985 continued its production in the Industrial Area of Çerkezköy on its own area of now 12.500m2 with all types of hoses in the year 1992.

By exporting to Europe, Middle East and Africa high amounts of foreign currency was brought in. By attending to international exhibitions the customer portfolio was raised by 100%.

Sentek, which has passed its superior production skills to its second generation is happy with the spin gained by its renewed corporate structure and the new technologic investions in the year 2015 is succeeding to compete with the world standarts and with the sales of rubber side products.

Our Mission,

to present high quality and inexpensive hoses up-to-date to the needs of our customers.

Our vision,

to keep the customer’s satisfaction together with our specialized team at the highest point by using high technology and to reach a wide range of clients by supplying the best quality hoses.